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Carlos and Kevin, self-advocates, friends, and sons.

Carlos and Kevin, self-advocates, friends, and sons.


Padres en Acción is a non-profit legal-advocacy organization. Our purpose is to defend the fundamental right to equal education and equal opportunity for children and youth with disabilities and their Spanish-speaking parents.

Padres en Acción recognizes that the barriers faced by individuals with disabilities arise not because of their disability, but because of the lack of supports in the educational, medical, and social systems.

Padres en Acción aims to confront and combat the stereotypes that are imposed on families and people with disabilities. We advocate for necessary supports, such as equitable access to legal information and the creation of opportunities for independence and success from an early age.

Padres en Acción started in 2001 when Susana Ramírez founded the organization in order to protect the right of self-advocacy for parents of children with disabilities. Early on, Susana organized community forums throughout the state of Oregon, inviting Spanish-speaking parents to share their experiences and suggest solutions in their own communities, particularly in the areas of education and health care.