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Kevin, who loves maps, points to his home in Eugene, Oregon.

Kevin, who loves maps, points to his home in Eugene, Oregon.

Mission and Values 


Padres en Acción recognizes the invaluable contributions that parents of individuals with disabilities have made to their communities. Our mission is to advocate with and for the human and civil rights of children and young adults with disabilities and for supports that reflect respect, equity and self-determination for full participation in all aspects of life. 



As leaders in Padres en Acción, we value three important concepts: Rights. Empowerment. Advocacy.  We firmly believe that when you know your rights, you are empowered and you can advocate.
Our Advocacy Framework understands these concepts to include:

Advocacy Information
Rights Workshops
Policy Advocacy

Leadership Development
Building Community Allies

How to Tell Your Story
How to Exercise Your Rights
Strategies for Dispute Resolution